Cricket Session Tips: A Brief Introduction about Cricket Betting

Cricket is one of the most popular games in the world. It is often called the gentlemen game. As it gives more fun to the fans, also gives more money to the punters. Cricket betting is really a huge one. But it is not as easy as you think. Though it completely depends on the luck of the punter, he/she has to give it a thought before placing the bet.


There are so many varieties of cricket betting. You have to know the cricket session tips and other tactics. You have to know some basic terms like a bookie, punter etc. Here, we are giving information regarding the cricket betting and how it happens.


Bookie is the one who handles the money in a cricket betting. He generally accepts the money from the punters and keep their records.


The person who places a bet and spends money on the betting is called punter.

Who can bet?

Not all the people can bet. Because the bookies do not accept bets from the unknown persons. So, to place a bet for the first time, you should go with a guarantor/referral. If you are failed to pay the money, the referral should pay the money. If both of you fail to pay, you both will be removed from the entire network.

How much can you bet?

The minimum price for betting is 1000 INR. That too, for a small bookie. The sky is the limit for the maximum amount. So, you have to follow some cricket tips in betting. The general range for the betting is 10,000 – 50,000 INR.

What is a cricket session betting?

This is the bet for a set of overs. For example, say 5 overs or 6 overs. You have to predict how many runs a team can score or an individual can score.
Here, you have to follow some cricket session tips like what is the climatic conditions, what is the Avg. Strike rate of the batsman on the crease, what is the session that is going on etc.

These cricket tips are changed along with the format of the game played. The ways are different for test matches and limited over matches.

For test matches, the set overs are in the range of 20-30 overs. Generally, there are 3 sessions in a day of a test match. For these sessions, the betting is placed.

For example, you bet on India would score 80 runs in a session. You placed a rate of 10 rupees. If India scored 90 runs in the session, you can get a profit of 10 times (90-80) i.e 10*10 = 100 rupees is your profit. The same calculation would be if you lost the bet.

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